Building a
Home in Moldova

Working alongside a family living in poverty to build them a new home



Home has an important place in our live. It provides a foundation from which we can launch out and explore life in all its rich variety and endless opportunities. But, for many families in our world these words are sadly not true! There are many reasons for this. One of those reasons is where families cannot afford adequate housing.

Together with our friends from Amor Europe, we want to build a home for a family living in poverty while working alongside them. It is possible to build a house in just five days! We want to help a family to stay together.

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From 27 July to 4 August 2024 we are going to build a house in Moldova, the poorest nation in Europe. We cooperate here with Amor Europe, an organisation which brings transformation to young people in challenging places. We are looking for 20-25 people. Even families are welcome. In the evenings we will serve the local church and young people.

If you, your youth group or even your family would like to take part in this outreach, you’ll find more information below. Please note that this trip is a cooperation by LeadNow and Amor Europe. You will register with us but in Moldova we will work directly with Amor Europe and will be under their regulations.

We have created several slides that will give you a first impression on what to expect if you join us on this incredible adventure.

 Building a Home in Moldova
27. July – 4. August 2024


Day 1: Travel to Moldova
Day 2: Orientation and training
Day 3: House building and Community service
Day 4: House building and Community service
Day 5: House building and Community service
Day 6: House building and Community service
Day 7: House building and Community service
Day 8: Giving the keys to the family + day off
Day 9: Departure from Moldova

Our team language will be English.

House building

In just five days, we will build a house for a family living in poverty. You don’t have to be a craftwoman or craftman to take part in this trip. If you are physically fit and are able to use a hammer, you are more than welcome to join.

COmmunity Service

We will work alongside the church to work with young people and serve in the neighbourhood.


We will be staying in host families recommended by Amor Europe. There is no better way of experiencing what life is like in Moldova than to live with a Moldovan family.

Minimum Age

If you, your youth group or family would like to join us, please note that everyone, who attends this trip needs to be 13+ years and minors need to hand in a parental consent form. The young people are only allowed to take part in this outreach as part of
a group or family.


550€ per person

This participation fee does not include your travel costs to Moldova.
However, it does include accommodation, all the materials for building the house and food as well as drinking water. We will be eating Moldovan food, prepared by Moldovan cooks.

We know this is a lot of money but we pray you will be able to fundraise from your churches and communities
as well as family members.

We are raising the funds to build this house together which Moldovans could never afford.

Here we have listed some fundraising ideas:
Fundraising ideas

We pray that God will provide for all of us.

We are a team in this together.

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Moldovan family living in poverty!

Deadline: 31.05.2024

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