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Investing in young leaders

LeadNow e.V. is an organisation that is reliant on generous donors contributing from various places in Europe and beyond.

Please consider a one-time gift or help us on a monthly basis to fund all the various activities done through LeadNow. Any amount will help us to invest in young leaders.

For the Germans
We are recognized as a non-profit organization.
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Would you consider donating to one of our current projects?

Please use the reference behind each of the hashtags. Your act of kindness goes a long way to encourage and equip the young generation of leaders across Europe and beyond. Join us practically as we serve them!
Caravan Encouragement Tour

Our very first employee
Nancy Richwine

Nancy is not only a team member of LeadNow, but also the first person we officially employed.  Her main tasks include administrative tasks, support in the planning, realisation and evaluation of our projects and events, as well as the support of our members and supporters. Nancy was significantly involved in the development and implementation of the female speakers platform.

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Leadership Training for Women

Our new training for female young leaders in Germany (started in March 2021 and will last for 10 months). Your donation will help to support a young woman leader through this new training.
See more info here.
Female Speakers Platform

Speakers Platform

For the German speaking world, we offer a platform where (young) women speakers can enlist with a profile and therefore have a higher chance of being booked for speaking and moderating engagements. We launched the platform in September 2021 but have yearly costs to maintain the platform

Impact young leaders

Though LeadNow is a new organization, the team has decades of experience in investing in young leaders. Please join us as we impact hundreds of young leaders in Europe and beyond. We need all the help we can get to support young leaders last in their calling.
- Evi Rodemann

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