This morning, for four hours, the core team of LeadNow has met online to work on team development, joint projects, finances etc. A huge shout out to Rodrick, Leah, Nancy, André, Lars, Dave, Kirsy and Evi!

Our special guest was Bob M. from the UK, the mentor of Evi. He shared on how to grow organically and challenged us to live according to our values we have committed to in LeadNow. It has been so inspirational and challenging at the same time.

In LeadNow we want to explicitly trust God´s leading and him opening the right doors instead of us creating long-term plans and 3-year strategies for the sake of creating them. Getting the right balance surely is important. We also decided from the start to work alongside younger leaders than for them. So having this mixed group is fantastic!

Another milestone taken today. We are very grateful!

Some of the projects we work on:

* She leads – a women younger leader´s training. Already starting to multiply this.

* Leader´s training within nations

* An Encouragement Caravan Tour in the summer of 2022 travelling through ca. 18 countries investing in young leaders

* A female German speaker´s platform for Germany

* Offering workshops on leadership issues

* Starting a 6-month learning community for youth leaders together with Youthscape coming October

* Mentoring young leaders

* Coming alongside the MoveIn organisation in Europe

We appreciate prayers for the next steps, for the needed finances, for team members to join the projects… Thank you!