From 22 July – 14 August 2022, 8-12 younger and older leaders will travel in caravans visiting various European capitals and engage with young people and its leaders. We call this the “Barnabas to go” – tour under the leadership of the organisation LeadNow.

The tour will start in Hamburg, Germany and will go south. Turning point will be either Tirana, Albania or a city in Greece. 

Most days we will be on the road, leaving in the morning and reaching our next destination in the afternoon. The evenings are primarily centered on the young people. We are in touch with leaders in the various capitals exploring how we can serve them best.

There will be a couple of days off in between enjoying some rest and spiritual refuelling.

In general, we will drive a lot and visit places. As we want to keep it as cheap as possible, we have budgeted cheap camping sites on the way and will self-cater. It will surely be life enriching but will also challenge our boundaries and comfort zones. People interested in joining will need a willingness to share a simple lifestyle for this period, be flexible and come with an open heart to hear from God and to serve a young generation. 

The team language will be English. Everyone needs to be above 18 years. If you want to join as a family, please get in touch.

The sleeping arrangement will be according to gender. Married couples would otherwise need to camp. 

We will travel through the following countries:

Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany

These countries are not in the Schengen zone:

Croatia, Bosnien und Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia

Please indicate in the application if you would need a visa.

What we are hoping to see for the travellers as well as for the young people we will serve:

For the travellers

  • Growing love for God and people
  • Learning intercultural awareness and communicating in a cross-cultural context
  • Expanding the way of thinking and getting a better understanding of current worldviews
  • Serving in local contexts and developing skills and gifts
  • Working hand in hand as an intercultural and intergenerational team
  • Stretching our comfort zones
  • Understanding more about leadership and how it is played out in various contexts
  • Taking steps toward being a global influencer from within a local context versus a local citizen in a global world

For the young leaders

  • Feeling encouraged and listened to
  • Expanding their horizons meeting people from other nations
  • Creating practical ways on how LeadNow can invest into their future

What can you expect?

As we are travelling for many hours, we want to maximise the time as much as possible. We will together read the Bible and have time to pray, learn more about leadership, discipleship and culture together. Our motto is: Everyone is a learner and everyone is a teacher.

While we visit:

While we visit, we want to spend quality time with young leaders. It can be over a cup of coffee, learning about their nation/culture or delivering a youth programme. It might also simply mean serving in practical ways like distributing food or cleaning something.


Worst case scenario will be 1800 Euros per person. This covers the caravan rental, car insurances, petrol and road taxes, accommodation and food for each day. Basically it covers the whole 18 days. (Our budget is open for anyone to see.)

In case we won´t need all the money (e.g. churches house us on the way, treat us to meals, we can hire caravans from friends…), we will decide together how to use it (e.g. reimburse, donate to a youth project)

In case you will need a visa, you will need to pay extra.

Please pray about joining us on this incredible experience. We are very excited about God preparing the way and are expectant to see how he will use each of us on the team, for each other and for blessing other nations.


To apply, please register here: until 31 December 2021. The earlier, the better.

Once the application has been processed and cleared, we will ask for a 50€ deposit which will not be reimbursed. In case you will later cancel your participation, these are the financial guidelines:

until 31 March 2022 – no money involved

until 31 May 2022 – 50% of the fee

until 30 June 2022 – 75% of the fee

after 1 July 2022 – 100% of the fee

We will start the team building and fundraising process in January 2022. We will do our best to support each other on this journey.

If you have any questions etc. please get in touch:

Leah Timmermann, ">