This year we want to invite YOU to participate in Dollar-a-Day or we call it Euro-a-Day!

How does it work? From 6-12 November, participants from all across the world limit their food and drink consumption to one Euro a day. Our vision is to consume less so that we can GIVE more. Money that would usually be spent on food is donated to support incredible ministries that work in impoverished communities. We want to identify more with the poor and pray for them at the same time.

How do we spend €1/day on food? A 7€ (one week’s budget) breakdown that has been helpful is to spend approximately: 3€ on carbs (rice, flour, pasta), 1€ on dried legumes, 1€ on protein, 1€ on fresh produce and 1€ on everything else (salt, tea, spices, oil etc.). 

Another exciting development for this coming Euro-a-Day event is the growing resources. If you visit the website, our MoveIn friends have compiled over 30 tried and true recipes, submitted by Dollar-a-Day participants themselves, into a beautiful recipe book. They also have a devotional book with moving contributions from authors around the world sharing perspectives and spiritual insights about generosity, sacrifice and God’s heart for the poor. 

And finally, for the first time ever, they have put together a KIDS devotional/activity book. Last year we had a number of families participate in Dollar-a-Day and many parents shared that their kids grew so much in knowledge and compassion throughout the week. They are excited to offer a book just for kids this year.

So … will you join us in LeadNow? We would LOVE to have you as we embark on a week of consuming less so that we can give more. 

LeadNow has a close relationship with the MoveIn Movement who have developed this great initiative. A few of us have already partaken in the future and will join again.

For more info and if you like to join, you can sign-up and join a Facebook group: