The official press release in German:

We are very excited that of today the new speakerĀ“s platform for women speakers in the German speaking world has been launched. We sent off the press release last night and are so happy for the made progress. After final testing and last changes, this platform is ready to roll and hopefully will host many women speakers of all ages.

We are hugely grateful for Project 3:28, UK which served us as inspiration and guideline for our platform. We are also very grateful for Pastor David Bunce in Austria who set this up for us and has been a tremendous help. And of course thankful for the single donor who believed in this project and donated the initial amount for the set up. We clearly see the hand of God on this and pray it will serve as a fantastic tool for event organisers.

As of today we have 72 women registered. We will be working towards 200-300 women speakers.

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