Leadership Nuggets

Leadership Nuggets

December 2023

A fresh newsletter with some inspirational nuggets,
to develop further in management and leadership responsibilities.

Leadership Nuggets

Each month a tip that will help you grow in your personality and grow your leadership skills.

How do you wait well?

During Advent and Christmas in particular, we mentally prepare ourselves for Jesus’ birth, even if it is a busy time for many of us, with lots of events and private things going on. However, Advent is also always a time of waiting and expectation. How do we wait well in such a challenging phase with full to-do lists? How can we not only endure this time, but also wait consciously?

Here are our top tips for a full Advent season:

  • Let God be God
  • Accept that in his sovereignty he has everything under his control
  • Let go of what is bothering you and give him your fears and worries
  • Expect God to save people and not you
  • Take time once a day to take a deep breath, become still and consciously let God breathe into your soul

Book Tip

The book “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry: How to Stay Emotionally Healthy and Spiritually Alive in the Chaos of the Modern World” by John Mark Comer we would highly like to recommend this season.
It came already out in 2019 and has since then changed thousands of lives and is one of the most loved leadership books over the last years.
One of the questions John asked himself was: Who am I becoming? This question revolutionized his life.
Leadership Nuggets
Each month, a resource to help you grow in your leadership.
Leadership Quote
Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life. Hurry is the great enemy of the spiritual life.

Dallas Willard
Leadership Events

Events that move you forward

SAVE THE DATE: Young Leaders Gathering Europe 2024

Under the umbrella of the Lausanne Europe movement the next European gathering for younger leaders from about 20-40 years of age will take place from 14-17 November 2024 in Albania (tbc).

If you are a younger leader in Europe and are passionate about our continent to strategize and pray, come and join us.

More information will follow.

Willow Creek Leadership Summit

From March 7-9, the next ingenious leadership congress organized by our friends at Willow Creek Germany will take place in Karlsruhe with further transmission locations. The theme is “Hope”. How can our churches become places of hope again? What do we leaders need at this time?

Many of the participants will be under the age of 40. If you register now, there is a LeadNow special for you:
Code for regular registrations: LeadNowreg
Code for the reduced price (pupils, trainees, students): LeadNowerm

This special deal is valid until 15.01.2023. You save 30 euros in Karlsruhe and 20 euros at the transfer locations.

Young Leaders Gathering Deutschland 2024

From March 17-19, the Younger Leaders Gathering will once again take place in Zeitz, under the umbrella of the Lausanne Movement. It’s always a great time for young leaders to meet at eye level, build honest relationships and continue our journey strengthened by God’s Spirit.

Leadership Nuggets

A fresh newsletter with some inspirational nuggets,
to develop further in management and leadership responsibilities.