Leadership Nuggets

Leadership Nuggets

March 2023

A fresh newsletter with some inspirational nuggets,
to develop further in management and leadership responsibilities.

Leadership Nuggets

A tip that will help you grow in your personality and grow your leadership skills.

Have You Ever Written Your Leadership Manifesto?

A Manifesto helps you to discern how you want to lead, how you want to serve the people entrusted to your care and responsibility. This is a document in progress. Where you add things once in a while and want to go back to each year.

To know how you want to lead
means also to know your key values.

Here is a great exercise to first find out your top 10 values (even better when you can pin down your top 3) and then write your own and personal Leadership Manifesto.

How Emotionally Healthy

Are You?

Pete Scazzaro, the expert on leading emotionally healthy,
has created this powerful tool. It takes only 15 minutes to get your assessment.

Are you an Emotional Infant, Child, Teen or Adult?
This diagnostic tool enables you to determine your level
of spiritual & emotional maturity.

Leadership Nuggets

A resource to help you grow in your leadership.

Leadership Quote

Emotional health and spiritual maturity are inseparable. It is not possible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.

Pete Scazzaro
Leadership Events

Events that move you forward

The European youth ministry network gathering 2023

The European Youth Ministry Network is having their next Gathering on Malta, 6-8 March 2023 inviting people from Europe involved in youth ministry to gather, be encouraged, strategize about trends in youth ministry and seek united ways of reaching
young people in Europe.

If you are interested, delighted to send you an invite.

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Walk the Talk – Hiking Tour for younger female leaders in Germany

From 13 May to 20 May 2023 we will hike the beautiful Malerweg in Germany with 8 young female leaders. It will be fun, recreation and an adventure – together with God! Every morning we will start with a devotion according to the theme of the tour: “Walk the Talk”. We will leave for our hiking tours in the morning, so that we are back at the accommodation in the afternoon. In the evening, we can cook together, eat out, swim or simply enjoy the evening sun at the river Elbe.

Info Sheet "Walk the talk" (only in German)

Leadership Nuggets

A fresh newsletter with some inspirational nuggets,
to develop further in management and leadership responsibilities.