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to help you run the race in life and leadership well

Europe is faced with tremendous challenges. In most countries churches are on the decline and yet God is at work. Encouraging a young generation growing up willing to stand up and do what God has put on their heart. Young people are willing to take on responsibility, but the space often does not work for them or they feel ill prepared and give up too quickly. We as LeadNow want to train, equip and support younger leaders while they are discovering their God-given calling and live it out.

Are you a young leader?

Are you a young person with a potential to lead or who has already taken up some (first) leadership positions? If that’s you, you are more than welcomed to join any of our offers. If you are unsure of where you are at regarding your leadership journey and if our webinars or other training opportunities would be helpful for you, please feel free to drop us a message any time. We’d love to hear from you!

If you are a youth leader, we are offering several learning communities throughout the year. We’d love for you to join us as we learn from one another and very experienced youth workers as well.

Our offers

We are currently working on different opportunities for younger leaders to be trained, equipped and supported while they are discovering their God-given calling and put into action what God has put on their heart.


We also offer various webinars, tackling different themes and topic that are relevant to young leaders all across Europe.

Training in your nation

We love to come alongside you and your network to offer leadership training for yourself and your young leaders. This can be weekend training or even walking alongside you for a few months and even longer.
Contact us for various training opportunities.

Our previous leadership webinars

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André Springhut

Over the past few years as a young leader, I have had mentors, especially women who have journeyed with me. In addition to them, I also greatly profited from attending leadership conferences and seminars where I have learned how to become a better leader. Especially when I was learning in group settings and being pushed out of my comfort zone, I have been growing in knowledge and confidence now taking up new challenges on my own. For me it is such a privilege having people investing into and walking alongside me. That´s where I have gained understanding about my strengths, gifts and personality in the context of leadership and communication. I am now more qualified in using my God-given strengths to build His Kingdom.

Leah Timmermann