This weekend Evi and André from LeadNow e.V. attended the European gathering of MoveIn at Burg Rothenfels in Bavaria, Germany , a ministry we highly appreciate and therefore invest into. We serve as their (interim) board for their European branch and really love who they are and what they do.

They move intentionally into urban poor and unreached neighbourhoods across Europe and the globe to build God’s Kingdom. And so many of them are younger leaders.

We love to see this grow in Europe, in our capitals and major cities.

They started in 2009 in Toronto, Canada and today have 85 teams in 16 countries, Some of them are in Europe but we pray for more to come. So far we have teams in Germany, Sweden, France, Albania…

MoveIn neighbourhoods look different around the globe. Some MoveIners live in high-rises, while others live in slum communities, favelas and shanty towns. Across the globe they share the same passioN: to prayerfully follow Jesus while living among the unreached, urban poor, to the farthest corners of the earth.

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