We are excited to announce we are working on the new women speakers platform for the German speaking countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are inspired by the UK-based Project 3:28, which is a British data base for women speakers.

Our plan is to launch it this autumn. We pray it will be a gift to the church as we love to see men and women preaching, teaching, at conferences and other events. We believe the Kingdom of God is expanded when both are doing what they are called to do, not what gender, culture or whatever defines them to do or not to do.

We would appreciate prayers for this project, for the ongoing process, for translation of some of the British pages, for the IT guy David in Austria (serving as a pastor and youth worker) and eventually for women to feel comfortable in signing up.

To protect the women, people will need to register as event organisers to be able to access the data base.

We are excited and still have a mountain of work ahead of us.