We loved hosting our 4th RENOVO in Bulgaria, a retreat for female younger leaders from across Europe.

There were six of us meeting outside Sofia in the mountains of Bulgaria coming from Italy, Germany, Belgium and Bulgaria. Each of them we had met through various contexts like Mission-Net, Year Round Mentoring under the European Leadership Forum or through the Balkan tour (Encouragement Tour) we did in the summer of 2023.

Coming together shows so much the power of connections and opportunities. It demonstrates once again the power of relationships and walking alongside precious people in Europe sometimes for years, in this case with wonderful younger female leaders.

We are grateful for a refreshing time with God and each other.

Theme of this year has been: Where is God doing something new?

We loved how God has spoken to each of us while we enjoyed morning walks, Bible teachings around Jesus and his disciples, a contemplative walk in nature, tackled leadership issues like inner drives and different leadership styles, sauna and jacuzzi plus incredible Bulgarian hospitality. We went away refreshed and rested, some with new connections and ideas ready to thrive in our various fields of influence.

Interested in joining us next year?