We had this dream of investing into young women with a potential to lead, feel gifted in this area and were looking for ways to connect and learn. We first did some research at the end of 2019 asking 120 younger female leaders in Germany what they would need to become better leaders. The main findings were a place where young women can be among like minded people, receive some leadership teachings, receive mentoring and are part of a trustworthy community.

For about 6 months we went pregnant with this idea and drafted a concept in the summer of 2020. We would offer 4 weekend trainings over a period of 10 months, 4 webinars in between, find a lady mentor for each and place them in small cohorts praying they would become friends and support each other. When we started to advertise we realized this is a real niche but were not sure if girls would join us piloting this with us.

God was more than gracious and we kicked it off with 18 amazing girls, young female leaders between the age of 23 to 35 years. God provided mentors, trainers, housing, finances, collaboration partners etc. In the end of January 2022 we had our final and fourth weekend waving these wonderful leaders good-bye and cheering them into their next phase in leadership.

Little did we know how many steps these girls would be willing and courageous to take as they supported each other. One preached for the first time in her church – and was the first woman ever. Another one went to her pastor to see if she could develop her giftings in moderation and preaching and found an open door. Someone else took steps to quit her job and take on one more according to her calling. Absolutely incredible and we are so proud of them all facing their own fears and inadequacies but are not bound by them.

We thank God and people who have helped us on this journey. We will start or second round in March/April and will even offer this in two locations in Germany this time, daring for one in the south and one in the north. We still have a few places left.

You can find more information here: http://leadnow.center/sheleads/