As LeadNow we are planning to build a house in Moldova in the summer of 2023, 12-20 August. Moldova is the poorest nation in Europe with 2,9 million people. As it borders Ukraine, there are some tensions with their Russian enclave.

An average monthly salary is about 150 Euros. Food nearly costs the same as in Germany. So many people live in poverty and running water and electricity is still luxury there. A lot of these houses only have outside toilets. Just imagine winter there.

There are many Evangelical churches in Moldova, but sadly not supportive of each other. When registering, they have to even register under the cult regulations as the Orthodox church gives them a hard time. A long way to go for this nation but what a beautiful nation and people there with such a generous heart and hospitality.

John Fudge from Amor Europe and Evi from LeadNow visited the nation this month to plan ahead and also see the houses which we can build together. We experienced wonderful hospitality by Sam and Leo Sandu, a British/Moldovan couple called by God to serve in Moldova. They will be the ones in charge of the building process. Amor Europe will cooperate with us in bringing Europeans together and we rely on their experience.

These houses will be built in a village of only 500 people, just 7km from Ungheni, near to the Romanian border. We will serve Pastor Victor there who leads a local church with about 50 members. During the day we will build, in the evenings we will serve young people.

We are looking for 40 people, aged 13+ years from around Europe. You can come alone if you are 18+, or with your youth group. Together with Moldovans over 6 days we will build a house and on the 7th day hand over the keys.

Will you join us to build these houses? No skills needed, but if you have got handy skills, even better.

(In January 2023 we will open registrations – watch the space)