As always, if something new takes place, you wonder where to start first. We were so excited that finally all the papers were in place and LeadNow got the official approval. So as a small team we took our first steps, sometimes stumbling, into some kind of unknown territory but full of faith realizing God´s hand upon this endeavour.

So yes, the first month feels like a wild ride. From various angles we took first steps and are so grateful to everyone who has already contributed with their time and expertise. It truly is a team effort!

We published the website with some basic infos, set up some extended team meetings and started planning into the future with first super cool projects. We also opened a bank account, recruited some possible new team members, started with various social media accounts, worked on first fundraising papers etc. and are still so very excited!

Would you please pray with us to discern what lies on God´s heart for the young leaders in Europe and beyond? We decided from the start to grow and work organically and relationally. The future is bright but we take it slow and go on a journey travelling with others.