As a new organisation, LeadNow, from the beginning we strategized how we want to run this new entity. Envisioning rather a network then becoming an institution. Rather being small but with a big impact then becoming large and super important.

We are into the business of working and engaging with young leaders across Europe. We therefore made it our priority to have young leaders on every leadership level possible. From the board to team leaders. We won´t do this organisation for them but with them.

Another strategic commitment has been to grow organically. Yes, we will make plans into the future, but they should only serve as directions not as a law.

We are committed to see God is leading us, act where we feel we should get involved and react on godly surprises. Yes, we understand that this can be misunderstood and many organisations act differently, but as we focus on a young generation, we seek to serve them as best as possible and within their framework.

What is the meaning behind an organic development?

An organic development is a direction, which evolves or is discovered through trials and errors. We want to work in the spirit of innovation and experimentation where mistakes are allowed and welcome. One motto we work with is: “We seek excellence but not perfectionism”. We want everyone to contribute with his or her best in the limitations we all face. It is therefore a dynamic process.

It is subversive. It is about the others, not primarily about us. It is about building the Kingdom of God together than building our own little kingdom. As LeadNow, we want to come alongside organisations etc. to assist them in reaching a young generation. 

Important elements for this organic development are:

  • Team (where everyone wins)
  • Relationships, which might turn into partnerships (we invest in others without an agenda)
  • Influence
  • Community (serving to be anti-individualistic)

As some of us older ones come from an institutional background it will need all of us to stay on this path. The young ones need to teach the older ones and vice versa.

We are excited but also know that every step is a step of faith.