Evi Rodemann and André Springhut from the core team of LeadNow enjoyed a wonderful and inspiring weekend at the OM HQ of Germany attending the European Gathering of the global MoveIn Movement headed up by the incredible Nigel and Jessie Paul from Toronto, Canada.

We love the ministry of MoveIn and have agreed to serve them in Europe with some of our expertise. So far they are in 6 countries within Europe, in total in 17 nations. Is any of you part of MoveIn?

(Young) People are willing to move into poor urban neighborhoods to bring God’s love and make a difference. AndrĂ© and Evi attended and are very impressed with their spirit to serve and their generousity. In addition, they are a great bunch of people! :-)

Check them out: www.movein.to

Most of them work in normal jobs but choose to share their lives with some of the most needy people.

One of their activities is Dollar-a-Day for a week coming up in November. We are praying for more Europeans to join in 2021.

How about joining us living on one Euro a Day for 7 days and pray for the global poor? https://www.dollaraday.global/