Leadership Nuggets

Leadership Nuggets

July 2023

A fresh newsletter with some inspirational nuggets,
to develop further in management and leadership responsibilities.

Leadership Nuggets

Each month a tip that will help you grow in your personality and grow your leadership skills.

How well do you know yourself?

As leaders we should be aware of our weaknesses, strengths and characteristics because they influence the way we lead and relate to people. How about taking some time consciously this summer to learn more about yourself? And maybe practice mindfulness in a new way?

Here are a few suggestions for you:

You could take a personality test.
(Big Five, DISC, Meyers Briggs, Enneagram, Clifton Strengthfinder,…)

What are your personal values?

Your strengths and weaknesses?

Ask friends and/or family how they perceive you (character traits etc.)

Book Tip

Change is possible and it starts with you! In the book “Change your world. How Anyone, Anywhere Can Make a Difference”, authors
John C. Maxwell and Rob Hoskins help you to identify your personal cause, to live out values that make a difference, to become a catalyst for change, to take action, to measure your impact and keep improving.

Younger Leaders Parcours

(only available in German)

We would also like to highly recommend the newly launched digital Younger Leaders Parcours. You can go through it alone or in a group. All online and all for free.

Leadership Nuggets
Each month, a resource to help you grow in your leadership.
Leadership Quote

What you do matters,
who you are matters
even more.

Pete Scazzero
Leadership Events

Events that move you forward


From 21-24th September 2023 we will offer a gathering for about eight female younger leaders (18 – ca. 35 years) from all across Europe, a soul-care event in the beautiful mountains outside Sofia, Bulgaria. Our prayer for Renovo is that the gathering will be a safe, confidential space for female leaders to relax, take a breath, be still with God and celebrate one another.

Registration closes 31.07.2023.

Young Leaders Gathering Europe 2023

Under the umbrella of the Lausanne Europe movement the next European gathering for younger leaders from about 20-35 years of age will take place from 23-26 November 2023 in Sarajevo,
Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

If you are a younger leader in Europe and are passionate about reaching the world together, come and join us. 

Leadership Nuggets

A fresh newsletter with some inspirational nuggets,
to develop further in management and leadership responsibilities.